Osborne International Boarding

Quality Care

Osborne International Boarding is one of the premier boarding locations in the Atlanta, GA, USA area. Located on 25 beautiful rolling acres of pasture and forest, with world-class footing, international-quality training, and outstanding quality care of the horses, Osborne Boarding is a worry-free, low-drama place to keep your horse while training to achieve your dreams.

Extreme attention is paid to the horses’ well-being, health, and happiness, and you can rest easy when you board here knowing that the smallest changes in behavior or mood are being noticed and monitored. We believe that if the horse isn’t happy and comfortable, we can’t expect them to learn new skills and become competitive.


Horses’ feeding regimens are 100% individualized to each horse. We have a wide option of types of hay, and we feed small amounts of hay seven times a day so horses always have fresh food in their bellies and little wastage. We stock a large variety of grain and pellet brands, all included in the board price, and supplements and/or medicine designed for each horse’s needs are also fed by the staff. Boarders also have access to professional feeding consultations through our sponsor, Ashley Wagner at Equinutrix. We greatly value her contribution to our team and she is a great asset who recommends what is best for your horse, whether or not it’s her product. She has a PHD in Equine Nutrition and engages in ongoing education to make sure she’s at the top of cutting edge information. She regularly visits Osborne Boarding and consults with owners of horses at our barn, and many off-property clients trailer in to have access to her expertise. Together, we feed and care for our horses like the top athletes they are.

View the video below to see more of our farm!

Osborne International Boarding from John Paul Jones on Vimeo.

Health and Maintenance

Horses are carefully monitored for signs of soreness or ill health, and regularly get their gaits examined for lameness. Our highly knowledgeable staff puts hands-on each horse multiple times a day, including picking out their feet and inspecting legs, so cuts and scrapes are found and treated right away. Staff put blankets and leg protection on horses as needed, whether its fly sheets in the summer or coolers and blankets in the winter.

Owners have access to some of the best equine professionals in the business, from farriers to vets to chiropractors. All horses have current Coggins, and are up to date on vaccines and deworming.


Horses get individual turnout in large, grassy pastures that are rotated and seeded twice yearly to prevent overgrazing or muddy conditions. Horses are carefully placed in pastures that fit their personalities best, to lower the chances of cuts or injuries while out of the stall. All pastures are fenced with high quality, four-board, black wooden fences, with an electric wire running over the top board to ensure that the horses don’t test the fence. All pasture fences are inspected for safety and are kept in good condition at all times. The safety of your horse while at Osborne International Boarding is our highest priority.

Fully Updated Facilities

We have recently upgraded all of the facilities on our 25 acre farm which includes:
• 102 ft by 200 ft outdoor arena with lighting
• 95 ft x 95 ft all-weather, covered arena with lighting
• 50 ft round pen, groomed regularly
• World-class footing for both arenas, groomed twice daily
• Brand new regulation-size dressage arena with letters
• All new, top level jumps for cross-training
• 1.4 acre grass field for hill work and conditioning
• 14 lush, grassy paddocks
• Several hacking trails around the perimeter of the farm
• 24 spacious stalls with rubber mats and individual fans
• Newly renovated bathroom and lounge/kitchenette area, temperature controlled
• Fully equipped laundry room
• 2 spacious and organized tack rooms
• 2 indoor hot/cold wash racks, with lights and heat lamps
• 2 lighted outdoor hot/cold wash racks
• Several matted grooming stalls and cross ties throughout the barn

Other Perks

Regular visits from a certified Custom Saddlery saddle fitter Nancy Bardy
Many options for professional, expert farriers and vets
Access to chiropractic, massage, and clipping connections

Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

19806 Birmingham HWY, Alpharetta, GA 30004, United States of America
For more information on the boarding facilities or to schedule a tour, email osbornedressage@gmail.com or call (404) 291-4567