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Mission – Why We’re Here

Osborne Dressage wants to help you discover what is possible with your horse.

Our approach to training is to have complete empathy and understanding for both horse and rider, while trying to make each training session enjoyable and worthwhile, which is critical if you want a well-trained horse that is fun to be around.

Head Trainer Charlotte Osborne is a highly qualified Grand Prix trainer with vast equestrian knowledge which has come through riding and training hundreds of horses around the world, becoming internationally recognized as an expert rider, trainer, and coach.

Whether you have specific competition goals, problems with your horse at home or at shows, or would simply like to improve your riding in general, our mission is help you achieve your goals.

Vision – Where We Want To Go

We started our branch in America about a year ago, and we have been amazed and thrilled with our growth in the past year. In our original five year plan, we are already at year three. We’ve also acquired a successful boarding program and are running our own stables now. One goal we set at the beginning of the year was to have a bigger competition presence, which we have, and to have six horse and rider pairs going to regionals. We now have eight. We set out to have this year as our “trial year” and we’ve learned a lot. Our goal is to make it through Regional Competitions on the weekend of October 12th, and then as the competition season winds down for the winter, we plan to reflect and make new goals for the upcoming year. 

Over the following years, Osborne International Dressage aims to position itself as a center point for people searching for high end, yet sane dressage horses that they can compete with at all levels, from Training Level to Grand Prix. We also want to a major location for international-quality instruction and coaching. 

The journey has been great so far and we couldn’t be more blessed! Thank you to all our fans and supporters for helping us get this far, and here’s to many more years of growth and learning together!