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Amateur Friendly, Second/Third Level Mare

Layla is a 2006 Irish Sport Horse mare who has been used for lessons and leases, and is a good teacher horse. Very eye-catching and beautiful, she’s simple to ride, good to learn the correct cues on, and forgiving of rider errors. Listens to the rider’s hands and legs, but doesn’t get hot if the rider is still learning and bumps her accidentally or bobbles in their seat. Layla is currently used in our lesson program, and leased out to two wonderful adult amateur ladies who enjoy her very much. She is a horse that adapts to her rider very well. She has her leg yields, shoulder in, half passes, and is schooling a green change. If you’re looking for a confidence-builder to safely take lessons on, or you’re looking for a horse that you can easily get your bronze medal or more on, Layla can do it all.

  • Amateur Friendly Lesson Horse

  • 2006

  • 16.1 

  • Irish Sport Horse

  • Schooling 3rd level

  • Low Five Figures

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