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Our team

Charlotte Osborne
Charlotte OsborneOwner and Head Trainer
Originally from England, after her university studies where she got a Bachelor of Science degree (Sports Education), Charlotte decided to move to the Netherlands to study at Ron Smeets Dressage, a very prestigious dressage training stable that is known for producing high quality horses. It was through working hard in the trenches here that Charlotte gained most of her expertise with training both horses and people, under the wise but strict instruction of Ron Smeets.

Once she was ready to start her own business, Charlotte spent a little more time in the Netherlands before settling in America, in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Now Charlotte is one of the most respected horse trainers in the area, continuing to draw international renown for her well-honed skills with a horse.

Charlotte’s personal goal is to have a string of competition horses that she competes at the international FEI levels, as well as having a bustling, healthy business under her where she trains passionate horse people to become better riders and trainers.

Guido Jessen
Guido JessenDirector
Guido is the business expert behind Osborne Dressage that keeps our operation running smoothly. Handling all of the finances, scheduling, and most of the communication, Guido is the behind the scenes element that keeps our time free to devote to you and your horse’s progress.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Guido started a very successful company rehabilitating children and teenagers. Never imagining that he would ever know how to tack up a horse (or ever muck a stall in a suit and tie), Guido first discovered horses when he met with his future wife, Charlotte Osborne.

Guido also runs the boarding side of our business, and is the main contact for scheduling farm visits, showing sale horses, and anything else our clients need.

Hannah Mork
Hannah MorkFirst Rider, Marketing
Following her lifelong mission of pursuing excellence, Hannah moved from Minnesota to study under Charlotte as her First Rider and be her right hand after she completed her degrees in PR and Marketing. Not only does Hannah help ride and train the horses at Osborne Dressage, she also does all of our marketing and social media work. Hannah is also our photographer.

She has shown a talent for bringing along young horses and setting a solid training foundation of confidence in her horses. We are so grateful for the great things that Hannah contributes to our team and look forward to many years to come together!

Sarah Schroth
Sarah SchrothInstructor
Sarah is our new instructor! Coming from a background mostly based in dressage, Sarah has also done vaulting, western riding, and eventing, which enables her to relate to many different backgrounds.

Sarah loves kids and has always been driven to help kids pursue their goals and dreams. At Osborne Dressage, she works as an instructor and helps kids and adult beginners learn dressage in a fun, positive, and welcoming way. Her simple, cheerful approach makes the complex world of dressage easy to understand. Her lifelong mission is to show people the wonders of dressage, and inspire more people with an undying love of the sport.

Our sponsors

Custom Saddlery
Custom SaddlerySaddles and Saddle Fitting
Saddles and correct saddle fit is so important to the health and competitiveness of our horses, and we are absolutely in love with our Custom Saddles and our amazing saddle fitter, Nancy Bardy. She makes sure that all of our horses are comfortable and happy, and with regular checkups, she adjusts our saddles to fit our horses as their muscling and fitness changes through training. Nancy and Custom Saddlery have been amazing to work with, and we look forward to many years together!

PS of Sweden
PS of SwedenBridles
Typical bridles can pinch pressure points and nerves on a horses face, and cause them to have headaches every time you ride them, which dramatically influences their performance and happiness. We notice a huge difference immediately when switching a horse from traditional bridles to PS of Sweden’s anatomical ones. Not only are they beautifully designed bridles with a wide variety of colors, styles, and flashy brow bands, but they make our horses more comfortable and improve the contact on the bit. We love the difference PS of Sweden bridles makes for our horses.
EquinutrixSupplements and Nutrition
We’re thrilled to have a wonderful supplement sponsor, Equinutrix join our team. We love that the founder of Equinutrix, Dr. Ashley Wagner comes to our barn to evaluate the health and feeding regime of all of our horses, and provides detailed consultations for our clients. Ashley has a PHD in Equine Nutrition, and as she studied she became disheartened by the amount of fillers in typical supplements and feeds, so set out to develop a line of nutrition products that have no fillers and are the best in the business. We’ve noticed a huge difference in all of our horses, and love the ongoing support for our horses and our clients.

DeNiro Boots
DeNiro BootsRiding Gear
We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Style My Ride and DeNiro Boot Co. Everything they produce is extremely fashionable and comfortable, and they are great people to work with. Charlotte’s shiny black DeNiro boots are an eye-catcher in the show ring, and always get a great deal of compliments. Not only that, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with how high quality the products are, and how well they hold up to Charlotte’s intense riding schedule. Style My Ride is a great source for all your European riding fashion needs, and sell beautiful jewelry made from horsehair.