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Horse training

With a focus on correct biomechanics, softness in the contact, and suppleness throughout the body, the horses we produce are good competition partners and enjoyable horses to be around.

They are trained by a systematic and purposeful approach that brings out the best in each horse without pushing them beyond their mental and physical capabilities. We train in a logical way that makes it easy for the horse to understand, so there is no need to use force.

For the horse, there are no shades of grey. The rules are clear and consistent.  Our horses move off of your leg with impulsion and respect. They don’t require nagging to keep going, and are soft and easily guided.

This method of training promotes harmony and happiness between horse and rider. We use Classical Training which preserve the horse’s body instead of wearing it down, and gently nurtures his mental well-being, so that because of the training, the horse is better, healthier, and more beautiful.

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Osborne International Dressage from John Paul Jones on Vimeo.