Charlotte is known for having a great eye for spotting exactly what each horse and rider pair need, and is a highly skilled communicator who can explain it in a way that makes it easy to understand, giving just the right example to make the complex world of dressage clearer. More than just teaching riders a certain set of skills they need to compete, Charlotte shows them how to think like a horse trainer and solve problems as they arise.

Charlotte’s dressage instruction focuses on the solid foundation of the Classical Training Scale that she learned inside and out when studying in Europe. Focusing on correct biomechanics, getting the horse to be truly round and through, and maintaining relaxation throughout, Charlotte use the movements in the different levels to create a relaxed, swinging back, and get increased impulsion and expression. With a special focus on developing a soft and supple horse that responds to the rider’s cues with willingness and lightness, horses are trained to go off the rider’s legs, have a soft contact with the bit, and remain shapeable throughout the movements and transitions.

Training lesson packages are available from one to six days a week, with package deals available for more frequent lessons. Lessons may also be included in a comprehensive training package where both you and your horse receive the training/lessons you need to succeed.

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