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About Osborne Dressage

Originally from Southampton, England, Charlotte spent four years training at the top international FEI barns in the Netherlands, learning how to ride and train students up to Grand Prix, before moving to the USA.

Now Osborne International Dressage provides the Atlanta area with international-quality instruction, horse training, and sales services. Charlotte Osborne is a highly respected teacher, able to explain complex training concepts simply, and is known for helping riders achieve more than they thought possible.

Charlotte regularly travels to Europe to source top quality prospects to import to America, and specializes in pairing the right horse to the right rider.

If you’re looking for someone to help materialize your dreams with you and your horse through coaching and training, or to find the right dressage partner for you, Osborne Dressage is on your team to make it happen!

What We Do


Osborne Dressage offers training and schooling for all riders, from just starting out in the dressage world at Training Level, to the most advanced Grand Prix competitions. Lessons are one-on-one private opportunities to learn and advance your riding.

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Horse Training

Osborne Dressage produces horses that are well-mannered, amateur friendly, and able to compete at all levels – the complete package. Horses are trained classically, with empathy, and in a logical way that makes it easy for them to understand and learn.

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Clinics are great opportunities for spectators to watch as riders are coached through a training session. We can come to your barn and host regularly out of our facilities. Clinics are a fantastic chance to get help with your horse, audit a lesson, and meet other people.

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Horse Shopping

Searching for your next horse but struggling to find “the one”? The world of horse shopping can be time-consuming and difficult. Not with us! With our insider network, we have our finger on the pulse of the horse world and can find the horse for you – even if it isn’t listed yet!

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